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Announcement: DabApps training courses starting in March

At DabApps, we're always looking for opportunities to share our knowledge about the technologies we use and the way we work, whether that's through helping to organise local technical groups such as BrightonPy, speaking at events around the world, or writing technical blog posts. We recently decided to use our training skills in a more formal setting, and are happy to announce that we'll be branching out into paid technical training courses at our offices in Brighton.

For our first one-day course, we've teamed up with Thomas Parslow, another local Python developer and experienced speaker, to run an event entitled Python for Programmers, aimed at developers coming from other languages. We'll give you a hands-on guided tour of the Python language, covering everything from its history and use cases to language syntax, advanced features, standard library and useful third-party packages. It's designed as an interactive course, so bring a laptop and by the end of the day you'll have written plenty of working Python code.

See our training page for more information, or click here to buy tickets via EventBrite (and if you reserve your tickets soon, you can benefit from lower Early Bird pricing).

If this particular course doesn't quite fit your needs, make sure you look out for more training events over the coming year. We've put together a questionnaire to help us plan future courses, and we'd also be happy to run bespoke on-site training for your company. If you're interested or have any questions, please get in touch.

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