We've got a brilliant app that is being used by over 70,000 people... and its only been going for a year. It's just really exciting.

Caroline Oldham, Founder of Biteappy

'Most Inspiring Woman in Technology 2015'


Caroline Oldham, Founder of Biteappy, talks about how DabApps has helped her realise her vision.

Caroline Oldham is an inspiring entrepreneur who we love working with. She has a clear idea of what she wants to achieve... and she's prepared to work hard to get there.

We helped Caroline launch her consumer app Biteappy in 2014 and it's already gained her the accolade 'Most Inspiring Woman in Technology 2015' at last year's Appsters Awards.

Here's what Caroline has to say about working with DabApps;

They [DabApps] know my expectations, they know what I like... they just know me as a person. Two years of working with someone, I think that's quite an achievement really... to say that you've never had issues with each other. So I would recommend them highly.

Caroline Oldham, Founder of Biteappy
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