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New Kids On The Block

The early part of 2015 has seen DabApps connecting with Brighton's next generation of developers and designers. It's been great to witness so many different groups exploring the opportunities that surround us in this digital hub of a city.

Since the start of the year we've welcomed local students into our office (spirits not dampened by the persistent drizzle!) to talk about career opportunities, we've become a partner of the Brighton Digital Media Academy and we're on a panel of judges for a local school's app competition.

PACA students visiting DabApps

So why is this all so important?

Well here are a few reasons that spring to mind…

Open source is at the heart of everything we do; not only when it comes to our development but for life outside of the code we write. We want to give back to the community we work in and offer learning opportunities. Simply meeting students who are interested in this sector and engaging with them is a great opportunity for us (and hopefully them!). These people are the future of Brighton's buzzing digital community and we want them to be excited about it.

New ideas, fresh ways of thinking, objective perspectives - all of these things are so important when it comes to healthy progression and company growth. We also want to find the best new talent and nurture it; if we can get to know, work with and even eventually employ some great young minds, that can only be a good thing, right?

Tech and digital capabilities are advancing at an incredible rate around the world; every industry and process is constantly changing, being improved and influenced by technology. This means opportunities are endless and the more young people who are exposed to the vast opportunities available, the better. If we can play some small part in that, we'll be happy!

On a smaller scale, we have such a huge range of expertise and experience at DabApps that there are plenty of areas to explore for anyone thinking about a tech or digital career. From Big Data to complex API development, UX, front-end design and project management - everyone has a really unique skill set and we’ve all followed very different paths to get to where we are today.

It's a challenge.

If you have ever spoken to a group of 14-18 year olds, you'll know they can be a pretty tough crowd! If we're able to engage with teenagers, get them excited about tech, coding, design and apps, it means we're getting across how excited we are about where things are headed… and that's pretty excited!

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