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Technology Driven Decision Making

It is great to have a choice and we have never had more choice than we do now, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. We make decisions every single day, some are simple and others are complex. Some decisions are so routine that you won't give them much thought, but difficult and challenging decisions demand much more consideration.

Decision making is increasingly becoming technology driven, while the basic principles might be the same, there are many different techniques and tools that can be used when trying to make a decision. Here at DabApps we are proud of our success in developing and building several apps which all help our clients and their users make better decisions.

Some tools DabApps have built

FUTRLI is an app we are proud to have helped build over a number of years, alongside the client's own development team. The business, which helps accountants and business owners to predict the future and look forwards, not backwards, with cash flow, KPIs, Dashboards and more is now in over 100 countries. The business and team have scaled rapidly - informed decision making is clearly in demand! Read the case study.

Multicriteria Mapping (MCM) is a powerful web-based application that helps analyse complex issues and make decisions on strategy and policy within the government, commercial and voluntary sectors.

MCM is different to many other decision analysis tools as it links qualitative and quantitative information to help explore how options change depending on how they are viewed. This enables users and collaborators to gain a clear picture of how and why different perspectives vary on key issues and options - as well as the practical implications for decisions. It thereby helps to 'open up' the strategy or policy process by systematically mapping the practical implications of alternative options, understandings and values. Read the case study.

Another project that highlights our work in decision making is the Conceptualizer application developed for strategic, creative and research experts, Brand Dynamics. Brand Dynamics had developed an extremely effective offline methodology for consumer-led brand development and tasked DabApps with bringing their revolutionary process to the online environment. The application invites consumers to take part in online surveys, in which they provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback on a wide range of concepts. On completion of the surveys a final report is produced for Brand Dynamics and their client, containing all the information required to help them define and further develop their brand. Read the case study.

DabApps thoughts

We see this trend continuing in future with a shift towards more cognitive and intelligent systems, intervening in many aspects of life, and humans being influenced by the decisions that these machines make automatically.

So, while we continue to develop our expertise in this area for our clients, we are also researching our own decision making products. We will keep you posted as we set out along our journey and in the meantime if you are interested in getting involved we have attached a link to a short survey below. There's a couple of cool prizes up for grabs if you can find the time!

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