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It's All About You... And Your Ideas

What we can do is help you take the next step with confidence.

We adopt an open and honest approach to what we do and the service we provide and this quickly builds the trust that is so important in a good working relationship. The first step is a conversation with you.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and exploring with you important questions such as business objectives, your market, development expectations, budget and your timelines. This exploratory process is without obligation and if it should be that we are not the right agency for you, we may be able to suggest other options.

Commissioning An App - What's Involved?

By fully exploring your ideas, we will have a good grasp of your requirements, the approach we would take to fulfil them, timescales and the costs involved. These we will present to you, free of charge, as a written proposal.

Where there are decisions to be made regarding technology choices and implementation options we will help you to appraise these using non-technical language.

We believe that working together is an agreement based on trust and mutual respect where both parties understand what is required of them to make the relationship work well. When it comes to the practicalities, we keep a project on track, maintain high standards in our work and get the most from your budget through rigorous project management.

Our Commitment To You

We deliver on quality and value.

Entering into a working partnership is, more often than not, a long-term commitment and we will continue to support you and your App for as long as you need us to.

We will provide a responsive service at the level you need, continue to offer guidance and advice as your business evolves and provide additional development when you require it.

DabApps is more than a fantastic web development company, it is a team of intelligent business advisors that want their clients to be successful.

Karen Rotberg, Director, The Motorists' Organisation

Success Stories

We've helped many entrepreneurs, established companies, institutions and agencies realise their ideas.

  • Tesco
  • Monacode
  • Solicitor's Strategic Solutions
  • S3
  • Opsimize
  • Solutions Inc.
  • Brand Dynamics
  • The Content Group
  • University of Sussex
  • TootCompare
  • Travel Places
  • Twilbee
  • Adaptive Lab

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Client work

With limited technical expertise ourselves, DabApps really were everything we needed from a web development agency; extremely knowledgeable, quick to understand our business objectives, reliable and always pleasant to deal with.

Stuart Brothers, Managing Director, S3

DabApps has played a pivotal role in bringing this multi-agency project to fruition, with their clear understanding of the business objectives and high level of technical expertise.

Neil Pattinson, IT Manager, Tesco Cars

Think you might need an app?

Chris Palk

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Chris Palk - Managing Director

If you'd like to discuss your ideas, the type of app you need and how much it will cost we'd love to hear from you.

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