New Garage Compare Website For UK Motorists

02 March 2015 More News

Car owner searching for a garage

What Our Client Says:

We've worked with the DabApps team for a number of years. Our experience with them developing for us with other major retail brands made them the place of first choice. The development team have delivered once again to their high standard, developing for us a robust system to power the RAC Garage Compare website. We're really excited about RAC Garage Compare and the potential it holds for motorists and garages all over the UK.

Douglas Rotberg, The Motorist's Organisation

RAC Garage Compare has been launched by the The Motorist's Organisation in partnership with the RAC.

The new website allows RAC members and other motorists to compare garages for a range of services, repairs and MOTs in real-time. Users are also able to book online and rate the garage after they use it. The aim of the site is to provide motorists throughout the UK with transparency when it comes to garage prices and service standards.

Thousands of garages have already joined RAC Garage Compare which will give them a unique opportunity to grow their local customer base and build a strong review-based reputation.

Leveraging technology developed for TootCompare, the fully responsive site has been created by DabApps. The site, built in Python using Django, includes integrations with multiple external APIs and tight coupling with a leading CRM system.

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