Successful 'Women In Tech' Are Choosing DabApps - Caroline Oldham

01 March 2016 More News

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Hannah McIntyre talks about the fast growth of her award-winning financial intelligence application CrunchBoards and how it has disrupted the market place. She says that it is testament to making the right decision to work with DabApps.

Caroline Oldham, Founder of Biteappy, award-winning business woman and digital entrepreneur, talks about her experience working with DabApps.

Caroline Oldham, crowned 'Most Inspiring Woman in Technology 2015' (Appsters Awards) talks in a newly released video about the importance of choosing the right team to work with.

In the video, released on 1st March 2016, Caroline tells us about the personal journey that led her to create Biteappy, the 'must have' eating out app for people with food allergies or intolerances and other special dietary requirements.

Biteappy is now being used by over 70,000 people. It lists more than 34,000 restaurants worldwide and allows you to search based on dietary preferences, 'What’s nearby' or by any other location you're planning to visit. You can rate restaurants, write reviews, save your favourites and suggest restaurants not already featured in the app. There is even a helpful translation of your dietary preferences for when you travel abroad.

Caroline comments "it is really nice that women are getting noticed in the industry" but confesses that "Being an entrepreneur in this day and age is not easy. You need passion and drive to succeed"... as well as a team of skilled professionals who can deliver your dream, dare we say, 'on a plate'!

DabApps know my expectations, they know what I like... they just know me as a person. Two years of working with someone, I think that's quite an achievement really... to say that you've never had issues with each other. So I would recommend them highly.

Caroline Oldham, Founder of Biteappy

This latest client video testimonial release from DabApps is in anticipation of Brighton's Spring Forward 'festival' "a month-long celebration of the role of women in digital culture" which runs throughout March and of course International Women's Day on 8th March. We will be helping to celebrate women in technology by showcasing our work with some of our most treasured women clients but also reflecting on the gender gap within our industry.

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