Project Management

Good project management is the key to delivering a quality product on time and to budget.

Agile diagram

Agile Approach

We try to take the best of Agile (Scrum) as an approach to development. It is best described as an iterative and incremental methodology which greatly reduces development costs and time to market. The main benefit of Agile is that it provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle and you, the client, are fully involved in that process.

We generally work together on short development "sprints" with bi-weekly reviews. We agree the resources involved in each sprint cycle and work iteratively with you to review progress and assess changes.

This "inspect-and-adapt" approach allows a level of adjustment and fine-tuning throughout the development process incorporating both technical and user experience feedback.

Waterfall Approach - With Sprint Development Cycles

When you really need to understand the full cost of a project in advance we can create a detailed specification before development commences.

This approach requires us to envision the final application as accurately as we can in advance of the build. One way to achieve this is to allocate a proportion of the project budget to develop a prototype of the application. This will then be the basis of a full design and technical specification. These preparatory steps will help reduce the overall development cost; providing clarity around the requirements and describing the implementation in detail.

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