Working Together

It was important for us to enhance our in-house team by partnering with a company that is using cutting edge technology and techniques, with an established track record. The fact that they are such a great group of people is a total bonus!

Says Hannah McIntyre, CEO, CrunchBoards

Client workshop

Nurturing a good working relationship with you is top of our agenda.

We are a software company who knows their stuff! We write code, we design interfaces, we architect systems, build APIs and we wrangle databases but our main focus is always on people; the people who use our software and mobile apps, and our clients who have the ideas and hire us to bring them to life.

We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, and on always giving you honest answers to your questions. In return we hope that you'll value our professionalism and trust our judgement. For us the working relationship is a collaborative undertaking; we're all part of the same team and it is in the best interests of both of us for your software to be a success. It is also vital that we trust you to understand your product, and you trust us to understand the technology. We know that with mutual respect working together can be a dream. Without that... it can be tough.

Through a collaborative approach we will quickly understand your business needs, help you explore the full potential of your ideas and be able to assist you with the more challenging strategic and technical decisions.

Technical Guidance

As is the case with many of our clients, you may feel that you have limited technical knowledge or experience. We will always strive to communicate at the right level; using language that allows us to clearly explain a technical matter in sufficient detail, whilst making sure that you can understand the concepts without being overwhelmed.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity, we believe, is the hallmark of any successful web application and it is always at the heart of our design and technical decision making. This approach has helped us deliver excellent solutions at realistic prices. In many of our successful bids we have worked with the client to understand their target users more fully and remove unnecessary to complexity from their ideas. The result in often an overall reduction in cost and time to market.

Collaborations & Partnering

There are many ways we can work together.

We have formed some important partnerships over the last few years based on specific areas of expertise. These range from designing and implementing highly interactive and responsive web tools developed in Django to support banking services, building custom APIs for a large media corporation in the United States, contributing development resource to a Big Data project commissioned by YouGov and developing for The Internet of Things.

We are also highly appreciative of those Friends of DabApps with whom we've worked to deliver great work to our clients.

We offer consultancy in all of our areas of expertise

DabApps directors

If you think we can work together, we'd love to hear from you.

Chris Palk - Managing Director

Jamie Matthews - Technical Director

Caroline Pickering - Creative Director

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