We make the best technical choices to help your business succeed.

We’re a team of passionate technologists who take a pragmatic and sensible approach to selecting the best tools for your product build. We produce robust, well-tested, efficient and maintainable code, and we can pull off incredible feats of engineering ingenuity when we need to.

We have a great track record

We know that all you really want is a successful business with a product that both satisfies and delights its users, be they your staff, customers, or both.

You need to be confident that we're going to deliver the best possible product we can, meeting your budget and deadlines. You need to be sure that the code we write is secure and scalable. Our track record shows that you can trust us to make the right technology decisions to not only bring your ideas to life, but to make them succeed both in the short term and in the long term as your business evolves.

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Whatever your starting point...

Whether you're a start-up, an established company or a major player in your market, we can develop and deliver a technical strategy that will work for your business over many years. We start by building upon what you have, maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the systems that underpin your product and harnessing the benefits of technology step changes as they happen.

Your future is our future

Continuing investment in technology and infrastructure are crucial to the ongoing success of any product that your business comes to rely on.

To benefit fully from all that technology has to offer, and to keep your system maintainable through its lifetime, we will keep you up to date. Your product strategy will include this important area of long-term investment and we’ll work with you to determine the level of support and maintenance necessary to keep your product on track and achieving your business goals.

Choosing the right technology

DabApps uses a well-integrated set of open-source technologies to build backend systems and web and mobile UIs. We select widely-used, reliable technologies that we believe are likely to be well-maintained in future and offer a good trade-off of development speed, features and simplicity.

For browser-based user interfaces, we use ReactJS, a project that was initiated by Facebook and has since become the most popular JavaScript framework for building UIs. In addition to React, we use Redux for in-browser state management.

For mobile applications, we use React Native. Another Facebook-initiated project, this allows rapid creation of native mobile UIs using web-like building blocks that work across iOS and Android.

For backend systems, we use Django, a web framework written in the Python programming language. Django provides a toolkit for building secure, high-performance web applications: request routing, authentication, database interaction, validation etc. It is known for its large user and developer community, and its excellent documentation. It is used by organisations such as Instagram, Pinterest and National Geographic among others. We use Django REST framework to create web APIs for our mobile and JavaScript applications to communicate with.

We believe that the above stack is the best choice for delivering robust, maintainable web and mobile applications to tight deadlines. It has proven to be a stable and scalable set of technologies, and has a direct impact on the speed of our development and project delivery.

Technical consultancy

Our level of technical skills and expertise allows us to offer ours services as technical consultants to businesses who are seeking specialist knowledge or who need to conduct a technical scoping exercise.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss our consultancy services and fees.

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