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We'll build & manage a bespoke API backend for you mobile, desktop or JavaScript app.

Most mobile applications can't work on their own. They need to store data in the cloud, and to do that they need to talk to a server using an Application Programming Interface (API).

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We Specialise In Crafting Web APIs

If your app needs simple, reliable and secure cloud-based data storage, we can design and host a bespoke API backend to meet your needs. This allows your developers to concentrate on building a really great app. Our managed API platforms mean you won't have to deal with any maintenance or backend infrastructure, and our expertise means we'll make sure your API backend is secure and scales as needed.

With our bespoke API backends you can quickly build services such as user registration, data sync, and account management into your apps. We care about emerging best practices for Hypermedia APIs, and our APIs are built to evolve as you continue to develop and deploy your apps, so you can add new features to the backend without worrying about breaking existing clients. Because we also build mobile apps, we can directly support your developers and help them integrate with the APIs we create for you.

Our APIs are also perfect for web applications. We have expertise in building APIs for highly interactive sites using JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone.js, and we can work together with your front-end team to help add interactive and intuitive features to your site, that help you stand out from the competition.

The APIs we build are fully web browsable and self documenting. Your developers will love them!

Who We've Built API's For

APIs For Digital Agencies
Mountain In View
APIs For Research
Multicriteria Mapping: University of Sussex
APIs For Business Intelligence

Who We've Helped - Consultancy

APIs For The Finance Industry
Robinhood: Zero-Commission Stock Brokerage

Our APIs allow you to concentrate on building your apps better and faster.

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