Python for Programmers

Python's simplicity and elegance is at the heart of our software strategy, and we love sharing our knowledge with the wider programming community.

Python For Programmers - a one-day workshop

What Is Python?

Python is a high-level, dynamic programming language used by Google, YouTube, NASA, Dropbox, Industrial Light & Magic, Instagram, Disqus (and many others) to build software used by billions of people every day. Python balances power with expressiveness to allow software to scale from quick one-off scripts to huge, complex codebases.

Who Is It For?

This one-day training course is designed for programmers who are already familiar with one or more other languages and are looking to expand their skills by learning Python. PHP, Java, C# and JavaScript developers will feel right at home with Python and find it to be an excellent addition to their repertoire. The course is suitable for anyone who wants a practical introduction which will allow them to start writing Python code right away as well as those who wish to satisfy their curiosity about the language.

What Will You Learn?

We'll give you a hands-on guided tour of the Python language, covering everything from its history and use cases to language syntax, advanced features, standard library and useful third-party packages. It's designed as an interactive course, so bring a laptop and by the end of the day you'll have written plenty of working Python code. Knowledgable instructors will be on hand every step of the way to ensure you fully understand all the material and gain the most value from the course. By the end of the day, you'll have built a fully-functioning web application from the ground up.

Your Instructors

Jamie Matthews

Jamie Matthews is Technical Director at DabApps. He's worked with Python on-and-off for almost ten years, and has been using Python and Django daily to build web applications at DabApps for the past two years. He also organises the local Brighton Python User Group and has spoken about Python at various local events.

Tom Parslow

Thomas Parslow is a Brighton-based freelance developer specialising in Python. He has been using Python for over a decade in both industry and academia for applications ranging from robotics control and computer vision through to touch surfaces and web applications. Thomas is a co-organiser of the successful learn-to-code workshop Coding For Humans and regularly speaks at technical events.


I've been on a few day courses in my time and this was certainly one of the best.
A fantastic day. I've been intending to learn python for a long time, but never quite got round to it. In a single day we learnt more than I think I would do in a few months of trying to teach myself.
It's the perfect level for programmers with sufficient knowledge of other languages to pick up and start playing with Python.

What Will You Need?

This is a hands-on course, so you'll need to bring a laptop.


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