Hannah McIntyre, Co-Founder of CrunchBoards, said:

DabApps doesn't feel like it's an external team.

There are currently over 6,500 businesses using CrunchBoards.

Apps For Financial Management

DabApps continues to play a serious role in the development of award-winning financial forecasting and reporting tool CrunchBoards.

CrunchBoards on multiple devices

In 2015 CrunchBoards was was awarded "Emerging Add-On Partner of the Year" by Xero, the financial accounting software company recently ranked #1 by Forbes as the World's Most Innovative Growth Company.

Add-ons in Xero's ecosystem are product integrations designed to supercharge Xero's accountancy package.

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It was important for us to enhance our in-house team by partnering with a company that is using cutting edge technology and techniques, with an established track record. The fact that they are such a great group of people is a total bonus!

Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder of CrunchBoards

What is CrunchBoards?

From the simplest of reports to complex 3-way forecasting, CrunchBoards delivers beautiful results with ease and lightening speed to those accountants and business owners who use Xero. So, if Xero's the cake, CrunchBoards is the frosting!

Our highly experienced team worked together with CrunchBoards' internal resource to design and build CrunchBoards. An agile, sprint methodology was adopted and DapApps designed and co-implemented a Service Orientated Architecture which lent itself to this agile approach for project management. The core architecture has been designed to allow for more integrations to be rapidly added as the business expands. It is already a global application available in any currency.

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