DabApps are continuing to support us and I wouldn't have it any other way

Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder of CrunchBoards

Award Winning Client Hannah McIntyre


Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder of CrunchBoards, talks about her experience working with DabApps.

DabApps has worked alongside Hannah and her development team from the beginning of the CrunchBoards journey, playing a significant role in shaping her initial ideas into the award winning app it is today.

We're really grateful to Hannah for taking the time to talk about DabApps in such a positive and complimentary way. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with the CrunchBoards team and long may it continue as a winning combination.

We'll leave the last word to Hannah;

Anybody who's considering working with DabApps, I would absolutely, full-heartedly, say "just please go ahead and do it". Meet with the team, go through your specifications, actually really brainstorm... they are brilliant for that... then if you decide to go down that route you're safe in the knowledge that you've got a really strong, strong, team backing you up and they'll deliver some beautiful, beautiful work.

Hannah McIntyre, Co-founder of CrunchBoards
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