It’s good to talk

Mark Aaron

It’s good to talk

Given our line of work, we’re pretty familiar with problem solving. The phrase; “a problem shared, is a problem halved” is one that nearly always rings true. It’s often not until you verbalise something and feel yourself communicating to another person that you can resolve problems, or get the clarity you need surrounding them in order to do so.

Each week at DabApps, we arrange a catch up between two of our team members, randomly picked (for the most part) for good measure. Giving people a little breathing space to talk about what they want is a good thing - how they use that time is up to them, but making the time is what is important.

Often a chat will start off work-related but it doesn’t usually take long for people to relax and the conversation to open up. Sharing our experiences while learning about (and from) each other can be truly nourishing.

If you don’t already, I definitely recommend scheduling time to chat with a colleague in your company that you might not ordinarily come into much contact with. As Bob Hoskins once said in a classic 90s ad for BT - “it’s good to talk.”