Summer 2012 News

Caroline Pickering

It's a busy time for DabApps.

We've been doing some growing and widening our skill base as we continue to attract more and more interesting and varied projects. Some of those projects are on-going, such as our involvement with a big data project for a leading market research agency and support for a number of Django microsites for a large banking group.

Those projects that we have recently completed include "Conceptualizer", the subject of our latest case study. That was a great project to work on and the client, Brand Dynamics, expect to really open up their revenue stream with this new brand development tool.

But the good news doesn't end there...

Max Hurl joined DabApps as a junior engineer and is a real all rounder. He's a great addition to the DabApps team and is already leading on one of our client projects, a social enterprise web application.

Thomas Davies applied to DabApps for an internship back in February and this was real serendipity! Thomas is a UX specialist and, as it happened, we had just secured a big project where he could really apply his skills and extend the DabApps offering. He's going to be a real asset during his stay with us.

With all this going on, it's no surprise that we quickly outgrew our small Ship Street office and recently moved to larger premises in Duke Street. Moving is always hard work but we were lucky in finding somewhere just around the corner and still within range of The Marwood, our favourite coffee shop.

So we are looking forward to the next few months as we build on our recent expansion and continue to establish our position as an excellent provider of web and mobile apps.