We’ve had a makeover

Mark Aaron

A user’s journey is central to everything we do at DabApps, a kind of guiding star. This time, we've taken this ethos and applied it to ourselves. Please allow us to introduce our new website and brand refresh.


The evolution of our logo has been a key part of the process. We took a careful look at who we are, what we stand for, and stripped it back to the necessary. This in turn revealed what we had hoped to achieve, an honest and direct representation of DabApps.

With an understanding of who our clients are, along with a strong focus on our company values, we introduced a new visual language across our website. In doing so, we set out to achieve a more focussed and effective user experience for our clients and potential clients, whilst still retaining the friendly nature DabApps is known for. After all, we are

“The agency with digital products at its heart.”

We hope you enjoy our work and new look!