Project management

We’ll work with you to develop a solid partnership, centred around a shared vision.

Every project is different so our approach to delivery is flexible. We take the elements of Agile methodologies that are best suited to your project, timescales and budget. This approach means we deliver what you want, sooner.

It's important to us that we give you the help and support you need to grow your business, and a high degree of collaboration between you and the project team is the key to success. Your project will be led by a dedicated project manager, and assigned design and technical leads.

Our experienced multidisciplinary teams are experts in Product Management, Business Analysis, User Experience and Quality Assurance. They will work closely with you throughout the development lifecycle to understand your requirements and translate your vision into great products that users will love.

An Agile approach

Agile is best described as an iterative and incremental methodology which reduces development costs and time to market. Agile focuses on users and offers transparency as well as predictable costs and scheduling. The main benefit of Agile delivery is that you get continuous delivery of working software. It also provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle.

Whether your project is fully Agile or fixed cost, we will work to fortnightly "sprints" allowing you to regularly review progress and provide feedback. These short iterative cycles allow review of progress, changes in requirements and re-prioritising on a regular basis. Each sprint consists of planning, implementation, testing and retrospective phases.

Our approach gives maximum flexibility both in terms of the quality of the final app and the management of the development budget. It also gives us the power to manage complex projects in their entirety, whilst allowing you the knowledge that we are working to the agreed outcomes.