We are hiring: Engineer - Full Stack (Brighton/Remote) & Engineer - Backend (Brighton/Remote)

Project management

We love to meet with our clients regularly! Whether it's to discuss current progress or future strategy and business needs

It's important to us that we give you the help and support you need to grow your business. Our experienced Project Managers will work hard to develop a solid partnership with you, centering around a shared vision and mutual respect.

A high degree of collaboration between you and the project team is the key to success.

An Agile Approach

Agile is best described as an iterative and incremental methodology which reduces development costs and time to market. Agile focuses on users and offers transparency as well as predictable costs and scheduling. The main benefit of Agile delivery is that you get continuous delivery of working software. It also provides opportunities to assess the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle.

Whether your project is fully Agile or fixed cost, we will work to bi-weekly "sprints" allowing you to regularly review progress and provide feedback.

What’s next?

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