We support StoryStream with their innovative content marketing platform focused on the automotive industry.

Client: StoryStream

StoryStream built and developed their brilliant platform themselves. Our partnership is a little different from our other client relationships in that we work collaboratively to support and extend the StoryStream technical team, as and when they need us. It's a partnership that works really well! Our most recent project with them focused on expanding the sourcing of a brand’s content by enabling the brand’s customers or fan base to become direct content contributors. StoryStream already had the functionality to source content from the brand themselves as well as across social media. Brands wanted to augment this with user-generated content to further enhance their board of assets.


The challenge

A brand's content is precious and the access to it needs to be strictly managed to ensure that it can be created and managed by only the right people. Opening it up to allow people outside the brand's employees and agents access to the required areas of the application, but no more, required strict user permissions. At the same time, the brands wanted the experience of their customers or fan base to be frictionless and to maximise their interaction.

How we solved the problem

We created an intermediary service between the existing StoryStream application and their users to add an authentication layer. This allows granular permissions to be applied to each brand’s assets and customers or fans can access only the required page to provide their content. Meanwhile the brand's assets remain nice and secure.


The outcome

A brand’s customers or fan base can now provide their own content directly into a brand’s StoryStream content manager in an easy to use, secure way. All the while maintaining the security and necessary permissions for managing the brand’s content. This has been put to great use already by some of StoryStream’s clients. The team at StoryStream continue to work with their clients on exciting new developments for the platform and we’re looking forward to being part of that!

There's no doubt that we consider Dabapps an extension of the StoryStream technical team.

Joe Baskerville, CTO at StoryStream