We believe that the Django framework is the best choice for delivering robust, maintainable web applications to tight deadlines.

Django is a modern open-source web development framework created with the Python programming language.

Python is a mature, well-established language used by organisations such as Google, YouTube, NASA and the New York Stock Exchange. It is a dynamic language in the same family as Perl, PHP and Ruby, but emphasises maintainable, readable code and high performance.

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Django was originally developed to run large content-driven web applications for a newspaper publisher. It provides a suite of programming tools to facilitate rapid development and encourages clean, pragmatic design. It was released as an open source project in 2005, and has since enjoyed a steady increase in popularity. It is particularly well-known for its large user and developer community, and its excellent documentation.

It is used by a number of high-profile organisations, including Instagram, Pinterest, Mozilla, Rdio, Disqus and National Geographic. It has been used by several newspapers including the Guardian, the Washington Post and the Onion.

And Django isn't just for websites. Paired with Django REST framework, built by developers at DabApps, Django becomes an incredibly powerful toolkit for creating bespoke web APIs.

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