We are hiring: Engineer - Full Stack (Brighton/Remote) & Engineer - Backend (Brighton/Remote)

Frontend development

Frontend development is a fast-moving field, and we keep up to date with the latest techniques and technology standards to help bring your vision to life

Customers expect more and more from the applications they use and browser technology (both desktop and mobile) evolves at a rapid pace. We are constantly refining and improving our toolset and strategies to ensure that we provide the best possible advice on technology and web standards to our clients.

Mobile-first responsive design

Mobile-first responsive web design allows a broader application of Web best practices; creating interfaces that are accessible to all, feature-rich and work across the entire spectrum of digital devices, from phones to tablets to laptops and desktops.

We produce high-quality, standard-compliant, accessible and maintainable frontend code. Through countless years of experience, we know the best way to build robust interfaces, and working with our design team can produce living style guides for our applications, that aid consistent experiences through reuse of common styles and design patterns during development.

The tools and libraries we like to work with

React is a powerful library for building user interfaces created by Facebook. Along with Redux, a pattern for managing data in a JavaScript application, it enables us to create extremely responsive, fast, complex interfaces in a productive and maintainable way.

We use LESS, a set of extensions to CSS, which adds useful features allowing developers to write more maintainable, extendable CSS code, and have extensive experience with most modern CSS Frameworks used across a variety of projects.

We also have experience with plenty of other frontend tools, including jQuery, Backbone, Underscore, ImmutableJS, PureCSS and Browserify, along with Angular, and of course vanilla JavaScript.


Testing is at the core of our development process. By utilising the best testing software available and integrating BugSnag and Google Analytics we can quickly and easily respond to any issues as soon as they arise. With in-depth analysis we often jump on issues even before they appear or help decide new features and the best way to leverage systems to their greatest effect.

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