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Frontend engineering is about building the code that is closest to your users.

Web technologies

For a Web application, frontend development means the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that runs in the browser of everyone who interacts with your site or product.

Frontend engineering is an incredibly fast-moving field. Customers expect more and more from the applications they use, which pushes browser technology (both desktop and mobile) at a breakneck pace. At DabApps, we are constantly refining and improving our toolset and our strategies to ensure we provide the best possible advice on tools and standards to our clients.

We take a mature, up-to-date approach to frontend development.

Frontend production line

A few of the tools and libraries we like to work with...

React is a user interface library built by Facebook. Along with Flux, a pattern for managing data in a JavaScript application, it enables us to create extremely responsive, fast, complex interfaces in a productive, maintainable way. React has helped us create the fast, responsive user interface so vital to the AOGsmart Tool.

Angular is a full-featured JavaScript application framework created by Google. It's great for providing the structure for larger development teams to collaborate and has proved to be a great choice for the CrunchBoards project.

Bootstrap is a collection of components, originally created by engineers at Twitter, that serves as a starting point when building a user interface. It provides buttons, boxes, form elements and grid layout tools to enable us to build professional-looking applications quickly. We routinely use Bootstrap as a starting point for a custom frontend design and example include RAC Garage Compare, Multicriteria Mapping, Conceptualizer and Solutions inc.

Less is a set of extensions to CSS, adding useful features which allow developers to write more maintainable, extendable code.

...and we have experience with plenty of other frontend tools, including jQuery, Backbone, Underscore, ImmutableJS, PureCSS and Browserify.

Mobile-First Responsive Design

Mobile-First Responsive Web Design allows a broader application of Web best practices; creating interfaces that are accessible to all, feature-rich and work across the entire spectrum of digital devices, from phones to tablets to laptops and desktops.

We are obsessed with producing high-quality, standards-compliant, maintainable frontend code. Through years of experience, we know the best way to build robust interfaces that are a joy to use.

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