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Custom Apps by DabApps

Understanding your business and your users is where it all begins.

Custom applications are what we do best and the range of projects in our portfolio illustrates our flexibility, broad perspective and depth of skills.

Need an app - but not sure what to do next?

Making The Right Choices

We will advise and guide you through the important technical and design decisions.

Your idea for an app may be clear, thoroughly researched and probably reside within a domain you understand well - that is how most ideas evolve. If there are areas of uncertainty then we can be an effective sounding board for your ideas and help with any additional research that would help firm them up. We can even develop a prototype to visualise and test your ideas. This approach can significantly reduce development time and costs for larger projects.

When it comes to deciding which technologies to use to achieve your aims as well as which platforms and devices to develop on, we will take the lead in that discussion with you and advise on the best approach as we see it. If you are not at all technical, don't worry - we will explain the options and suggested approach to you in simple terms so that you can have confidence in the design and build.

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