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Discovery & design

Unlock the potential of your ideas through collaborative design.

Our discovery process brings clarity and focus around your business goal as well as an understanding of how your users will engage with your product. Whether you have a new product idea or are building upon an existing system, this early stage of a new project gives us the opportunity to uncover and understand your main objectives and how they can be achieved through good design decisions.

Building on your new ideas

If you have a great new idea but lack the design expertise needed to get it off the ground, working with our design team can help build out a vision for your product through a straightforward discovery and prototyping process.

We work with you, using lightweight prototyping techniques to focus on the most challenging areas of your idea in order to evaluate what works well. Prototyping helps visualise your product at the earliest stage, is invaluable in developing your ideas collaboratively, and provides reassurance that you are on the right track before development begins.

The result is clear and focused design, whether on mobile devices or desktop, addressing your business goal and user needs together.

We'll also work with you on your visual design ideas to make sure that your brand is powerfully communicated through your product.

Making your existing products fly

We have extensive experience helping companies of all sizes redesign and realign their existing products, getting them back on track and improving the user experience. We perform expert reviews of your products, identifying quick wins in both usability and accessibility and addressing any pain points that may surface.

We can run workshops with you to help focus down on the core mission of your product, ensuring it's the best it could be, and to help you achieve consensus amongst your stakeholders. We can also evaluate potential competitors, both good and bad, helping your idea stand out from the crowd.

Forward thinking design

Once we have a clear visualisation of your product, our designers build out Style Guides and Pattern Libraries, creating a set of reusable design components. This helps speed up development and maintain visual consistency. We design our web applications responsively, so that your product works on a range of devices appropriately, whatever their size.

Looking for help to fully visualise your product?

Get in touch if you think we can help you explore and build out your ideas