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Working from a clearly defined goal we work with you to help visualise your idea

We take the time to understand clearly the problem you are trying to solve. This means working collaboratively with you to understand your business goal and to develop a clear product vision. We can achieve this in the early stages of working with you by engaging in ideas generation, lightweight prototyping and early testing with users. Our aim with any project is to design strong easy to use solutions, always seeking to delight whilst working with established design conventions.

A clear product vision

Whether you are a startup looking for advice and guidance or an established business seeking to extend your digital products or services, we make sure that working with you begins with a clear vision.

We can run workshops with you to help you focus down on the core mission of your product, and help achieve consensus amongst your stakeholders. We can also do market analysis, ensuring that your idea is as good as it could be against the competition. If you have an existing product we can perform expert reviews, identifying quick wins in both usability and accessibility. In some cases we will work with you to build up a profile of the target user, keeping the design focused clearly on their needs.

Prototyping with you and your users

Early stage visualisation is key to validating product ideas. To achieve this we use lightweight prototyping techniques to get to the root of the problem and evaluate what works well. Prototyping is invaluable in developing ideas collaboratively and providing reassurance that we are on the right track before beginning product development.

Whether a simple, low-fidelity, paper-based prototype or a highly detailed interactive electronic prototype, the benefits are measurable and help clarify architecture, flow and interactions.

A prototype also allows early testing of your product ideas with actual users. Their involvement and evaluation will provide useful information to feed back into the design process.

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