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What Our Clients Say About Prototyping

Being able to visualise the web application at an early stage was invaluable in developing our ideas. It provides reassurance that you are on the right track before committing significant resource to a product development.

Ian Fenner-Evans, Solicitors Strategic Solutions Ltd "S3"

Prototyping is a quick and cost effective way to test your ideas.

Using a small portion of the overall project budget to produce a prototype will confirm design intentions and clarify functionality without the need for lengthy documentation. It also provides an interactive representation of the proposed application, so that everyone involved, stakeholders, potential users of the application and the development team, can quickly evaluate what works well, where complex workflows can be simplified and how the user experience can be fully optimised.

Where We've Used Prototyping

Prototyping For The Legal Industry
COLPability: Solicitors Strategic Solutions
Prototyping For Research
Multicriteria Mapping: University of Sussex
Prototyping For The Brand Developers
Conceptualizer: Brand Dynamics
Prototyping For The Retail Industry
TotalCare: Solutions inc.

Return On Investment

The overall size and scale of a project often dictates the time and effort that goes into prototyping. Whether it's a simple, low-fidelity, paper-based prototype or a highly detailed interactive electronic prototype, the benefits are always measurable. The prototype clarifies the architecture, workflows and interactions of the application.

In our experience prototyping greatly reduces development costs as many of the design decisions have been made before a single line of code is written. It also gives you, the client, a high level of confidence in the final application. You know that what we have agreed to build meets your expectations, your user's needs and your budget.

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