We played an important partnering role in the development of award-winning insight and forecasting platform, Futrli.

Client: Futrli

Most businesses don’t have a grip on how their business is performing against expectations. The relationship between an accountant and a business owner has typically focused on what happened last month or quarter. Some set budgets and a few forecast but this isn’t being used as an operational tool to control cashflow and accelerate growth. FUTRLI is a sat-nav for businesses and advisors, helping them to course correct with forecasts, automated business monitoring and so much more.

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The challenge

Hannah McIntyre initially approached us in search of a development partnership that would bring specialist design and technical expertise to her (then) small team of developers. We saw immediately the potential of Hannah's idea and quickly came on board to help build a tool that business owners would love, that would gain acceptance in the marketplace and ultimately deliver the disruption it promised.


How we solved the problem

At the outset we played a pivotal role in guiding both design and technical direction and integrated perfectly with Hannah and her existing team. Through our discovery and design process we helped developed the trademark notion of 'boards' which has come to define the FUTRLI user experience that continues to delight. Our technical skills and expertise continue to underpin FUTRLI's feature development.

Working with FUTRLI we share an agile approach to project management which works exceptionally well.


The outcome

Since their launch in 2015, FUTRLI's growth has been stellar. They now have customers in over 100 countries. Their impressive feature set evidences their success and the impact they have had on the financial intelligence sector to date. We're really proud of our contribution to FUTRLI's success thus far and are looking forward to partnering with them well into the future!

FUTRLI replaces the original product name mentioned in the video below.

DabApps doesn't feel like it's an external team.

Hannah McIntyre, Co-Founder of FUTRLI