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Introducing the new and improved concept development tool, Conceptualizer 2.0

Conceptualizer 2.0 is the latest version of the revolutionary online tool from brand development experts, Brand Dynamics.

Conceptualizer 2.0

The tool was developed to support Brand Dynamic's offline methodologies and the results …

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New App Aids Food Allergy Sufferers

biteappy - the app that will make the dining-out lives of people with food allergies and intolerances a whole lot simpler!

Addressing every dietary and cuisine requirement on a worldwide basis, users simply search for a restaurant using their own …

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CrunchBoards Launch At XeroCon, Sydney

This is definitely a game changer - in the finance world anyway.

Working with the brilliant team at CrunchBoards this is an application that finance directors, accountants and business owners won't want to live without. It is fast, effortless financial …

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DabApps Creates Charity App

As a leading Brighton software company, we are developing a unique free app for Brighton charity, Amaze. The mobile app version of the current Compass Card guides is set to launch in November.

Compass Card app

The Compass Card is a free 'leisure …

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