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Big Data

Big Data will be one of the defining trends in technology of this decade

We're committed to understanding the ecosystem of specialist tools that are developing around this exciting new area, and providing solutions to our clients that allow them to extract the value they need from their Big Data.

What's it all about?

Huge streams of information flow from social media platforms, communications systems and sensor networks around the world at such a high rate that conventional data processing and storage techniques are struggling to keep up.

We have the expertise to design a complete Big Data system from the ground up. We'll work with you to understand your data and select the best tools and infrastructure to process, store and index it and give you the answers you need. We can also help with recommending individual tools for the job: Redis or ZeroMQ for connecting up distributed systems with processing queues, MongoDB or CouchDB for storage of data with a flexible schema, and ElasticSearch for indexing and searching millions of documents in real-time.

Big Data projects we've worked on

Big Data For Social Media Analysis

YouGov SoMA - working for Adaptive Lab

What's your next Big Data project?

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