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WeThrive web application

A dynamic employee satisfaction survey that helps you discover how your employees truly feel.

WeThrive is an employee engagement survey provider with an emphasis on human psychology and a focus on driving action with recommendations and consultancy services. Through their advanced technology and combined professional and 'human' experience, they are able to deliver the people data that will make a real difference to an employee’s experience.

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DabApps have quickly become our trusted development partner and we won’t be going anywhere else.
Richard Adams, Chief Operating Officer at WeThrive

The project in more detail

The challenge

In all organisations, making sure your employees are happy is key to the success of your business. WeThrive helps organisations achieve this using a suite of tools that we are currently helping them design and develop. We took over the project as an existing, partially developed product and were tasked with completing the full WeThrive product toolbox.

How we solved the problem

We work closely with the WeThrive team, on a regular basis, to help design, develop and grow their web application. The product started as a simple engagement tool; a survey allowing organisations to see how happy their employees are within the business and to see how they can help improve aspects of an employee’s experience. Where we are making a significant contribution, is in the addition of further tools that enhance WeThrive’s capabilities. These additions include a task and action tracking tool, and a more developed user permissions model for complex organisational structures.

We developed the application in Django, with a React user interface, and utilised Highcharts for the reporting and analysis elements of the engagement survey. 

The outcome

We continue to add value to WeThrive by developing the tools it can offer to organisations. We have seen WeThrive grow significantly since starting to work together and are excited to see where the business will go next.