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Client: Enable

We continue to work closely with peoplewise to develop their sophisticated online tool, enable. The software allows administrators to manage psychometric surveys, assists users to complete them and then generates dynamic PDF reports.

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Enable pulse

The challenge

An established team of international business psychologists, peoplewise approached us to develop and build upon the success of their psychometric tools. peoplewise wanted to build a platform to allow organisations to setup and manage their own psychometrics and surveys for their employees to complete. The system needed to generate dynamic PDF reports which could be used as part of peoplewise's wider training initiatives and face to face development sessions.

The application, called enable, had to be intuitive and easy to use. Most importantly, it had to make available the data captured in order to measure the critical capabilities that predict potential for their clients.

Enable DISC charts 1

How we solved the problem

When establishing how to approach enable and the architecture of the project, we had to consider a complex permissions matrix, logic around survey availability, calculations and the generation of PDF reports with dynamic graphs. To generate the dynamic PDFs, we integrated with a third-party service called DocRaptor. We used CanvasJS for the graphs and charts.

We worked closely with peoplewise throughout the build to determine the functionality required and establish the look and feel of the site, iterating on our original concept designs.

Enable DA

The outcome

In our continued work with peoplewise we have extended their offering via enable, adding more surveys and psychometric tools. We are proud of the fantastic relationship we have with their team and further exciting developments in store.

Working collaboratively with DabApps, we have built a truly outstanding platform that is transforming our business and enabling us to deliver outstanding services in a competitive market. Our clients have given us fantastic feedback about Enable and we couldn't be happier with the support we have received. We are excited for the future development of our talent management platform.

Dr Belinda Board, CEO & Founder of peoplewise