We were tasked with redesigning One Research’s outdated legacy system to improve work quality and follow the latest data compliance guidelines.

Client: OneResearch

One Research reached out to us to help them rebuild their Volunteer Online Portal. They manage and maintain a large database for global healthcare company, Novo Nordisk, that keeps track of volunteers interested in taking part in diabetes clinical trials. We worked closely with teams at both companies to ensure the final product met their needs.

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The challenge

The pre-existing system combined a mix of paper and digital practices that were difficult to manage and maintain.

We needed to securely migrate sensitive user data into a new architecture and ensure GDPR compliance at all stages.

Keeping on top of terminology specific to the project was vital in order to communicate clearly with One Research during testing and later phases of development.

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How we solved the problem

We focused on desired outcomes rather than solutions in order to avoid falling into the same patterns as the legacy system. Not only was the data migrated securely, but vast improvements to overall user experience were made in the process.

An example of this can be seen within a feature we developed that allows a user to achieve greater control over volunteer catchment areas, and identify greater numbers of potential volunteers as a result.

In order to capture the relevant language, the team shadowed call handlers at One Research to see how a typical interaction would progress.


The outcome

Call handlers can now easily find and update volunteer records, allowing for a consistent supply of volunteers ready to be matched to trials.

Both new and pre-existing users have been successfully matched for trials since launch and plans for expanding the platform are on the horizon.

Dabapps brought to our project not only the highest level of technical innovation and ability, but an acute understanding of what makes great customer service.

Alistair Crombie, OneResearch