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COLPability web application

We've helped our client launch a compliance tool for firms regulated by the SRA.

Compliance is an important aspect of the legal services industry. COLPability allows firms to benchmark their compliance with the SRA Code of Conduct 2011.

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With limited technical expertise ourselves, DabApps really were everything we needed from a web development agency.
Stuart Brothers, Managing Director, S3

The challenge

We were approached by S3 with an idea for measuring and improving compliance through the use of a web-based tool. The challenge that this project presented was the sheer volume of Outcome-focused Regulations to be assessed, the need to provide feedback and advice wherever gaps in compliance occur, as well as the need to measure compliance on an ongoing basis.

How we solved the problem

We simplified what was a complex set of business requirements. Prototyping was an important part of the design process, allowing us to collaborate closely with S3 to clarify functionality and workflow, thus optimising the user experience.

This was one of our first large-scale custom web application projects. The product was built using Django development framework and, for the first time, we based our frontend build on Twitter's Bootstrap. Both of these development tools allowed for an extremely efficient build.

The outcome

The result is an easy-to-use tool that provides a clear, visual overview of compliance levels as well as where improvements can be made. Legal firms are able to provide evidence of their compliance measures and continue to improve their services through continual self-assessment.

As we worked together, exploring how our business ideas would translate into a web tool interface everything became a lot clearer. With DabApps' help we were able to refine and simplify things and the result is a much better product.
Stuart Brothers, Managing Director, S3

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