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We've helped the team at miMove develop an app that encourages young people to embrace and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

miMove offer a one of kind service to educators in allowing them to track, monitor and inspire a healthy lifestyle in children attending their schools through motivating students to keep track of their physical activity via an interactive mobile app. We worked closely with them to identify their markets needs so that we could build a crucial solution to the rapidly growing epidemic of child inactivity.

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We couldn’t have asked for better partners than DabApps as we embarked on our start up journey.
Greg Dryer, Founder and CEO
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The Challenge

The aim was to create a platform that would empower children to track and pursue physical activity and allow key stakeholders to use this information to help children become more physically active. We agreed on building two products;

  • The mobile app - This would allow the children to easily record their physical activity as well as receive words of encouragement from their teachers. The mobile app was designed with simplicity in mind, to allow a range of ages to easily and quickly navigate it.
  • The web app - This would provide educators with the tools they needed to analyse their students activity levels and react appropriately to those that needed extra words of encouragement.

How we solved the problem

We developed an API to allow the web application to push and receive data from the mobile app - This allowed the teachers to message the students, as well as monitor and track their performance through the web interface. We created some key metrics to allow teachers to quickly and easily view the progress of their students, whether in a single class or the entire school.

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The outcome

miMove has since been rolled out across many schools worldwide and are soon to begin development on many cool new features for both the web and mobile apps! This will provide a more fun, engaging mobile app for the students and give the teachers even more data to allow more in-depth analysis and lifestyle tracking.

We couldn’t have asked for better partners than DabApps as we embarked on our start up journey. Their enthusiasm, attention to detail, ability to understand the product and the market, and their customer service is faultless.
Greg Dryer, Founder and CEO

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