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AOGsmart web application

When every second counts... we have partnered with AOGsmart to solve one of the aviation industry's biggest problems.

An AOG (Aircraft On Ground) is the most unpredictable, disruptive and costly situation airlines and air-operators across the globe endure within their operations. An AOG arises when an aircraft is grounded due to a faulty component or technical problem and can potentially expose an airline to up to £5 million a year in unpredictable costs.

One of DabApps' strengths is the experience and knowledge of the management team.
Frederick Ilouno, Co-founder of AOGsmart

The challenge

AOGsmart were looking for a long term partnership with a strong development team who could bring their initial ideas to life and bring on board the major airlines and their extensive network of suppliers. The main objective was to mine and connect the multiple resources required to resolve an AOG event faster and with greater cost efficiency.

How we solved the problem

We played a significant role in the design of the AOGsmart web application, utilising the extensive research and industry knowledge of our client to build a platform suited to the time-critical environment in which AOGs are resolved daily.

The platform is built using Django and Django REST framework which provides a robust, scaleable solution and easy administrative access for our client. The frontend user interface has been built with React (Javascript framework) and Bootstrap to create a fast and responsive user experience.

The outcome

AOGsmart is the first of its kind; a cloud based platform which enables airlines and their suppliers to collaboratively source, procure and transport urgently required aircraft parts quickly and efficiently to where they are required. It utilises the the vast 'hidden', untapped market of spare resource capacity in parts, tooling, logistics and supply-chain services, together worth over £20 billion a year globally. The outcome is a revolution in time, cost savings and supply chain efficiency for the component market and the entire aviation industry.

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DabApps quickly understood the complexities of our industry while contributing invaluable specialist knowledge. This has been key to our strategy and the speed at which we have developed our product.
Frederick Ilouno, Co-founder of AOGsmart

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