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Bloomingdale's bloomoticons app

The perfect partnership with Brighton-based creatives, Agency Rush, delivering to big brand Bloomingdale’s.

Working with Agency Rush we recently developed a bespoke Emoji app for Macy’s luxury department store, Bloomingdale’s.

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The DabApps team were extremely professional and helpful...

The challenge

We were approached by Brighton-based creatives Agency Rush to work on the project; Agency Rush worked with Bloomingdale's to develop the bespoke set of icons, which were created by design studio Crush, and were looking for a local development team to turn the unique Emojis into an app.

How we solved the problem

Technically, the Bloomoticons app was a fairly simple build but one of our first using the React Native library and therefore a great learning process for our development team. We collaborated closely with Agency Rush and the Bloomie's team on the visual design of the mobile app and various enhancements throughout the build before it was launched as part of their Spring campaign, "100% Bloomingdale's"

The mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, allows users to share the Bloomoticons to social media, in text messages and via email.

Bloomingdale's Bloomoticons app

The outcome

Bloomoticons has more than 12,500 downloads (iOS and Android) and we're thrilled with the success the app has seen. We also hope to continue to work with Agency Rush, so watch this space.

If you'd like to try Bloomoticons you can download it from the Apple App Store;

Blooming Marvellous! - launch announcement

The DabApps team were extremely professional and helpful, guiding us through the various development stages so we understood each process, all whilst working to our very tight timeframe.

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