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TotalCare web application

TotalCare was designed and built to meet a complex set of business objectives... it also works on mobile devices.

This custom web application allows Solutions inc. to process and manage insurance claims made on iPads that they supply to educational organisations. As well as the claimants, who are able to submit and track the progress of their claim, Solutions inc. administrators and service technicians are able to manage organisation accounts, liaise with the underwriters, log service information and issue replacement equipment.

TotalCare is the secret sauce in our recipe for success.
John Parvin, Co-founder, Solutions inc.

The challenge

In offering managed services for warranty and insurance cover, Solutions inc. needed a tool that students, parents and school equipment administrators could use to make and track claims on purchased items. It was important that claims could be submitted and tracked from a user’s phone or iPad, via the device’s own browser.

How we solved the problem

We worked in close collaboration with John Parvin and his team to understand their operational systems and to design a tool which would bring greater efficiency and speed to their processes.
 A simple prototype helped us to visualise the initial ideas, refine them and optimise the user experience.

This custom web application was built in Python, using the Django web development framework, with a MySQL database. We took a mobile-first approach to building the frontend, with a responsive design to work on all devices.

The outcome

TotalCare has resulted in a streamlining of an important business operation for Solutions inc. Following a claim, replacements and repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently. This level of ongoing support, made possible by TotalCare, provides our client with an important selling point when tendering for large contracts to supply iPads to schools and colleges.

I met with a school business manager who is keen to see TotalCare before confirming a sizeable deal. He sees this style of on-going support crucial to their awarding us the deal.
John Parvin, Co-founder, Solutions inc.

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