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Cocktail Crazy app

Monacode contracted us to build this highly interactive game with multiple levels of difficulty for budding cocktail bartenders.

Cocktail Crazy was a game idea that Monacode had been working on for some time and we were tasked with building and optimising it for both the iPhone and iPad.

...one-of-a-kind app that teaches you how to make cocktails while having fun!
iTunes Preview

The challenge

Monacode's own design team had developed the game idea, creating the amazing graphics and "soundscape", as well as the play rules. Our job was to make the idea come to life and provide a high quality user experience for players of the game.

How we solved the problem

We worked closely with Monacode's own games designer to perfect the interactive elements of the game which simulate, in life-like detail, the skills needed to become a champion cocktail bartender; mixing, shaking, stirring and pouring etc...

The outcome

This was a hugely rewarding project for us as it gave us the opportunity to show our technical skills in mobile app development. We delivered a complex interactive game with a great user experience that was fun for players, whilst also providing them with a skills challenge and a learning experience.

It's both a learning tool, and a challenging game that you'll love playing.
iTunes Preview

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