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Tempora mobile app

Tempora is a simple online solution for tracking staff time and costs associated with client work.

We worked closely with our client to develop their Timesheet Mobile App which allows accurate time recording on the move, whether you have internet connectivity or not. As soon as the internet becomes available the app automatically and instantly syncs with the web application.

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DabApps has designed and built us an app that our users love and that has helped our business grow.
Stuart Smith, Director of Tempora

The challenge

Many timesheet products are complicated and difficult to use with any accuracy, particularly when users are on the go. Tempora wanted to remove the friction from the user experience and develop a mobile app which was very simple for teams to use and required just a couple of clicks to log time.

Tempora had a software product to gather, store and report on time management data. Our task was to design and develop a mobile app to integrate with this software and provide users with quick access to key features.

How we solved the problem

The Tempora team came to us with some ideas, and we ran a discovery workshop on site to explore these with stakeholders,  working collaboratively to wireframe screens and build out the user journey. Building on this, we then designed and developed a cross-platform mobile app, ensuring it fitted in well with their brand identity. This was delivered in phases, focusing on the most important features first. Our discovery process and the resulting designs were well received by our client and helped bring focus to achieving their business goals.

We used React Native to build the app and integrated with Tempora's API.

The outcome

Tempora is a truly international company with clients across numerous sectors, including agencies, consultancies, professional services and engineering & trade services. Their clients are based across the globe from Canada, USA and Mexico to Europe, India, China, Japan and Australia. The feedback from clients has been extremely positive, many reporting that Tempora has helped dramatically increase productivity and profitability. 

We look forward to helping Tempora grow their business, working in partnership with them to support their mobile offering and continuing to evolve the app to meet developing market needs. 

It was important for us to work with a dynamic and responsive team who could provide the best user experience possible for an app that is used on the move. DabApps have done just that, and more. Working with them has been a real pleasure.
Stuart Smith, Director of Tempora

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